What kind of camera did Mathew Brady use?

Answer Mathew Brady used a large-format camera to document the Civil War, but what was more significant was the picture-taking method he employed. A new technology known as the wet-plate process, which gr... Read More »

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What type of camera did Mathew Brady use?

Civil War photographer Mathew Brady used a daguerreotype camera in documenting the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865. He met Louis Daguerre in 1839 and he capitalized on his invention of the dag... Read More »

How Many photographs did Mathew B Brady take?

Over 3500. I did him for a research paper. :)

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I think it's "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?" It was the one where Jan gets a wig to stand out from the crowd. Peter is tickling Bobby to make him tell who's going to be at Lucy Winters' ... Read More »

What type of camera did matthew brady use?

Matthew Brady used a daguerreotype in his early work, and changed when photographic equipment and processes changed. When the wet plate process, callodion, became available, he used that process. H... Read More »