What kind of camcorder do you need for a webshow?

Answer actually it doesnt matter what kind of camcorder u use as long as u can connect it to a cpu and save it to your videos and tell me a good site if u find one

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What kind of camcorder should I buy?

The only Camcorder that can pause, are MiniDV tape Camcorders. No HD Camcorder, that is any camcorder using anything other than tape for Video Storage, cannot 'pause' while recording, as that woul... Read More »

What kind of batteries should i get for my Camera/Camcorder?

Usually,the most of camera battery is AA battery,so don't worry about it.Using the rechargeable battery or buy the battery frequently.But I suggest you'd better to take your camera when go shopping... Read More »

Is it possible to put video from a camcorder on cd , and if so what kind of cd is used?

Video CD and SVCDs are specially coded CDs, so you can't just burn a CD with the files on the discs. The video must be encoded at the proper size for each respective format, and then you have to ... Read More »

Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Camcorder Fred Uses?

who cares?no offence pplbuti think fred sux badly