What kind of cage should I get my pet ferret?

Answer Owning a ferret is an adventure in pet care. Ferrets are active, rambunctious and mischievous. For the times that a ferret must be in their cage, they need enough space to be active while staying s... Read More »

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How to Pick a Ferret Cage?

There are many options out there for choosing the right home for your ferret. Chances are, he will spend most of his time in his cage when you're not playing with him, so making sure he is happy in... Read More »

How to Make a Ferret Cage?

Ferrets are rapidly increasing in popularity as pets. It is essential to provide a safe, comfortable cage to ensure the long life of your ferret. While it is difficult to actually "build" a cage fo... Read More »

How to Choose a Cage for a Ferret?

Ferrets are fun, intelligent animals; often described as a cross between a cat and a dog. Unlike cats and dogs, however, ferrets should not be given free run of the house. Barring a COMPLETELY ferr... Read More »

How to Help a Ferret Adapt to a Smaller Cage?

Has your ferret been in a very large cage and now you have to put him in a smaller cage? With these steps your ferret will adapt to a smaller cage.