What kind of brand new computer should I purchase for myself?

Answer I just bought an HP. Its the best computer ive own. I don't know what kind it is because we added a bunch of things to make it ideal for us. Dell is pretty good too. another note. When you buy a c... Read More »

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Burnt myself what kind of ointment should i get?

I want to buy a t.v. what kind of TV should i purchase. Plasma, LCD, DLP or etc.?

For me DLP is the best becasue you can get a large TV with almost the same quality as plasma for less $. Also, you can play video games on DLP simply becasue it's like a souped-up projection TV. Al... Read More »

I m a computer science student. i want to purchase a computer.. what should i prefer laptop or desktop?

for Rs.38000 u will get an average laptop, but if u buy a besktop in this Range, then for Rs.38000, u can get a very good desktop woth AMD phenom or Intel Core 2 Duo processor, good motherboard wit... Read More »

How do i know what brand or kind of graphic card do i have in my computer?

type dxdiag in ur run box and look on the display tab ...