What kind of boots do you wear for snowboarding?

Answer Snowboarders have two boot choices: the step-in binding boot offers the convenience of a strapless system that is both sturdy and flexible, while the strap binding boot can either be hard--best for... Read More »

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What kind of gear do firefighters wear?

Firefighting, or turnout gear, provides the protection a firefighter needs on the job. These clothes and gear are heat resistant, waterproof and sturdy. They are also designed to be easily donned w... Read More »

What kind of clothing do hawaiians wear?

Authentic Hawaiian clothing reflects the beautiful atmosphere of the island. Similar to the paradise that surrounds them, Hawaiians dress for sunny weather and utilize flowing garments when not in ... Read More »

What kind of uniforms do pediatricians wear?

Pediatricians are not required to wear uniforms during their work hours. They choose to dress professionally in business attire. However, many wear traditional white jackets to distinguish themselv... Read More »

What kind of pants should I wear?

I'd try flair jeans. They fit your upper legs, but then flair out at the bottom. Or bootcut. Those ones aren't as tight as skinny jeans. They just go straight down.