What kind of bottled water is the best?

Answer Evian

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What is ur favorite kind of bottled water?

omg me too!i love it its so crisp and fresh.i like the wrapping looks pretty cool.u have great taste.=)lol.that is definetly my favorite.GO FIJI WATER!!!!!!!

What bottled water brand do you like the best?

Nestle Pure Lifeit's vitamin you know that Aquafina and Dasani are both bottles waters that come from normal city water supply, and it's just filtered for chlorine? It's not spring.

What is the world's best bottled spring water?

The Best Way to Serve Bottled Water?

The best way to serve bottled water is to respect the product's quality by controlling the temperature to exemplify its characteristic flavors. Sparkling and still bottled waters have distinct mine... Read More »