What kind of boots do you wear for snowboarding?

Answer Snowboarders have two boot choices: the step-in binding boot offers the convenience of a strapless system that is both sturdy and flexible, while the strap binding boot can either be hard--best for... Read More »

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Would you wear these boots?

personally, no. but if they are what you like go for it!!! you can make them really fashionable, -tuck you jeans into them, and find some matching accessorries like a scarf, big, bright earrings, a... Read More »

How to Wear Ugg Boots?

You've seen celebrities, fashion icons, models, neighbours, classmates, and work colleagues wearing them. Everyone is doing it! Wearing Uggs, of course. Perhaps you want to join the trend but don't... Read More »

What Should I Wear With These Boots (pic)?

Wear skinny jeans, a nice jacket and a thick infinity scarf! It would look super pretty and you'll be comfy and warm :)Good luck :)Check out my

How often do you wear 'Wellington Boots'?

When I lived on the Isle of Wight I wore them loads of times, as I enjoyed walking miles with my dog Storm along the beach fossil hunting, walking through the sea and many of the walks I did were m... Read More »