What kind of birdhouses do redbirds like?

Answer Birds prefer houses that mimic their habitat. The beautiful redbirds that entertain us in our yards are no exception.CardinalCardinals are popular in the eastern half of the U.S. The males are brig... Read More »

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What kind of birdhouses do cardinals like?

Cardinals do not necessarily require one specific type of birdhouse; however, there are certain birdhouses that they prefer over others. If you want to attract cardinals to your yard, start by purc... Read More »

Can you use oak for birdhouses?

Yes use can use oak to construct a birdhouse. In fact, reusable oak pallets can often be had for free from local business merchants and make excellent wood when making a birdhouse.Source:Backwood H... Read More »

How to Build Birdhouses For Robins?

Robins are a perennial favorite of many birdwatchers. The arrival of robins in the beginning of the year is an indication that spring is near. At that time, the birds will look for locations to bui... Read More »

Ideas for Unique Birdhouses?

Bird-watching can be a relaxing hobby, or a way to teach children about nature. A fun way to lure the birds into your yard is to build them a home and hang it in an easily viewable spot. Using recy... Read More »