What kind of beverages do you usually drink?

Answer Fresh fruit or vegetable juices or mineral water.

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What kind of tea do you usually drink?

PG Tips...with milk & sugar.PS I see you have cream in yours, that's that an American preference?Cream in coffee maybe… & 'Cream Teas' in Devon - but that's an entirely different th... Read More »

I usually just drink strong black coffee, what is your favourite kind of coffee, and why?

I like dark roast arabica beans. In the morning I have my coffee medium strong with about a desert spoonful of milk added but not stirred, that's just enough to take the edge off without losing th... Read More »

Why do people drink alcoholic beverages?

Okay, I don't understand why people are saying "to look cool" or "to get drunk". I mean yeah, obviously if you drink too much alcohol you will get drunk, but you normally try not to drink so much y... Read More »

How many caffinated beverages should we drink a day?

average about 1 per day, but I''m inconsistant. None on the weekends, and anywhere between none and 5 on a work day. I enjoy it, but don''t miss it if its not there.