What kind of beans are these?

Answer They look like soy beans. Soy beans are slightly crunchier than regular beans and they break in half quite easily

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What kind of beans are used to make boston baked beans?

Boston baked beans are traditionally made with navy beans. The beans are soaked overnight in water, cooked, and baked in the oven with molasses and spices.HistoryThe Native Americans were the first... Read More »

What are "red beans" in Texas Are they pinto beans with some kind of spice?

Pinto beans are pinto beans and red beans are red beans. Kidney beans are kidney beans and NOT, under any circumstances, red beans! No self-respecting Cajun (or Texan, either) would cook kidney bea... Read More »

What kind of coffee beans does McDonald's use?

McDonald's coffee is made from Arabica beans, which are grown in Costa Rica, Colombia and Brazil. The Arabica bean is the most common coffee bean in the world and comes in different varieties, prod... Read More »

What kind of beans did Indians grow?