What kind of bass guitar does Flea play?

Answer According to Marco Passarelli in an article for Bass Player, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea plays Modulus Signature Series basses. He takes four Modulus basses, covered in stickers, with him on... Read More »

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How to Play Guitar or Bass on Pro Guitar in Rock Band 3?

Rock Band 3 introduces a new guitar: the pro guitar. It has 102 frets, and actual strings at the base. Aside from playing Pro guitar and Pro bass on it, you can also play regular 5-button guitar an... Read More »

Is it ok to play a bass through a guitar amp?

It is generally okay to play a bass guitar through a standard guitar amplifier, but the volume should be kept low. Most guitar amps are not set up to handle the low frequencies that a bass guitar p... Read More »

What happens when you play a bass on a guitar amp?

Different amps exist for guitars and basses, because each instrument has different sonic needs. Playing a bass on a guitar amp is possible, but, if not handled correctly, can result in weak, unplea... Read More »

How to Play the Bass Guitar?

Bass guitar is the backbone of the rhythm section in a musical group or ensemble. It will take many years to master, but you can begin to learn how to play a bass guitar through hard work and with ... Read More »