What kind of bacteria grows on school lockers?

Answer Without good hygiene and regular precautions, students can easily spread bacteria and germs around schools. Through frequent contact with students' hands and belongings, school lockers can become s... Read More »

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Are school lockers safe?

On One Hand: Lockers are Made to be SecureWith a pad lock or combination lock, school lockers can provide a safe and private storage space for valuables items. Students who bring non-essentials to ... Read More »

What Are Some Problems With School Lockers?

A school locker is more than just a place for students to store things. For many students, it is a sanctuary, a place for self-expression, a cherished but temporary base. Many students, however, ru... Read More »

Why Should Kids Have Lockers in School?

School lockers are a stereotypical mainstay of the school experience and are commonly found in middle and high schools. For school administrators, the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining... Read More »

Reasons to Have Lockers in School?

When many people think of a middle or high school, they remember long rows of lockers in the hallways. Providing lockers for students gives them a safe place to store belongings, but many schools r... Read More »