What kind of baby food do babies like the best?

Answer babies like formula or baby food. they also like rotten eggs and dirty socks. it depends on the baby.

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What age can babies have baby food?

Is Gerber baby food good and healthy for babies?

On One Hand: Gerber Provides Vitamins and NutrientsThe Gerber brand of baby food includes a variety of vitamin- and anti-oxidant-rich fruits, vegetables and meats. Gerber says it does not add any r... Read More »

What kind of food should I serve at a baby shower?

baby showers are supose to be easy. So do a veggie tray with a dill or ranch dip. Also you can try a fruit bowl. Some easy sandwiches like pareminto cheese or chicken salad. As well as maybe some f... Read More »

What kind of fingers food you let your baby eat. 7 months and up?

6 months, we started pretty much just with finger foods. Good starter finger food includethin apple slicesavocadoswatermeloncantaloupebananapeachespearstoastpastasteamed veggies such as:broccolica... Read More »