What kind of automatic transmission fluid is for use in a Mitsubishi?

Answer Mitsubishis with traditional automatic transmissions come with Mitsubishi Diamond: SP-1, SP-II or SP-III automatic transmission fluid. The MAG-1 Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid and the R... Read More »

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How to Put In Automatic Transmission Fluid?

If an automatic transmission has difficulty shifting between gears, the problem may be a low transmission fluid level. Automatic transmissions operate under hydraulic pressure, and the fluid is wha... Read More »

How to Replace Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Replacing your car's automatic transmission fluid can save you time and money that you may otherwise incur by taking your car to a professional mechanic. While most automotive professionals would c... Read More »

How to Reuse Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is used to regulate the temperature of engines as well as lubricate them. Sometimes too much fluid is added to the transmission, and it needs to be drained so it doesn't flood an... Read More »

How to Flush Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Prior to the invention of the automatic transmission flush machine, a transmission service was nothing more than removing the pan, replacing the filter, reinstalling the pan and adding five or six ... Read More »