What kind of area rug should i buy?

Answer On One Hand: Printed Rugs Are CheaperArea rugs add softness, color and added texture to a room. They muffle sound on hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. Printed rugs are less expensive than woven r... Read More »

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What kind of area do you live in?

Perth Western Australia. In a suburb north of the City, Not too far from the beach. I love it here =)

What kind of area is Mona Vale, Sydney?

Mona Vale is part of the very exclusive northern beaches region of Sydney. The northern beaches is to Sydney what Malibu is to Los Angeles. If the locals don't want something in their back yard ... Read More »

What kind of locks can you put on your doors leading from the house to the swimming pool area?

Answer A hook lock out of the child/rens reach would be sufficient

F ladder in bath hit my area like a stinger swelling between elbow and shoulder sw just in this area after two?

The swelling is due to a hematoma and fluid retention around the injured tissue.