What kind of aquatic plants do you eat?

Answer Answer In an empty dishwasher, fill a dishwasher safe cup with vinegar and start the cycle. During the rinse, fill that cup with bleach and let the cycle finish. Not only will you clean your dishwa... Read More »

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What kind of plants live in aquatic systems?

A wide variety of plants live in aquatic systems. Aquatic communities include members of all four of the convenient divisions into which botanists classify plants: thallophytes (algae and fungi), b... Read More »

What kind of aquatic plants do leopard tadpoles eat?

Leopard tadpoles do not eat aquatic vegetation because they are too small. They actually eat minute, bottom-dwelling algae called periphyton. It is only when they have reached their adult form that... Read More »

What kind of aquatic plants and fish live in ponds?

Ponds make very habitable ecosystems for some interesting plants and fish due to the availability of food and abundant shelter.Floating PlantsSome pond plants float with large surface areas to maxi... Read More »

Uses of Aquatic Plants?

Aquatic plants provide many uses to the water in which they live, such as removing toxins, purifying and making the pond or aquarium a healthy ecosystem. Aside from the balanced ecosystem these pla... Read More »