What kind of ants live in houses in toronto?

Answer Carpenter ants are the most common ant pests in Toronto houses. They burrow through and make homes in moist, decaying wood, whether that wood is a tree or a portion of your home's foundation. You m... Read More »

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What Types of Ants Live in Grasslands?

Grasslands exist in every continent on earth, with the exception of Antarctica. Ants inhabit all of these grasslands. While there are 12,500 classified species of ants, and close to double that num... Read More »

Is Toronto a good place to live?

1. Fairly easy. Toronto has many opportunities.2. Cost of living is about 20% lower than the Republic of Ireland and about 40% lower than the UK.3. Great nightlife especially in the areas in do... Read More »

Me & 4 kids live in a 2 bed house. i got ants everywhere what do i do ive tried evrything.?

I totally agree with iposhrat!If you owed thousands in rent arrears, they still have an obligation to deal with infestations. Have a look through your tenancy agreement and if you don't have one, a... Read More »

Can ants live in a mattress?

While the most common bugs infesting a mattress are bed bugs, according to Viking Pest Control, if ants can infiltrate a mattress, they can establish a nest inside of it. There is anecdotal evidenc... Read More »