What kind of antibiotics can a dog take for ear infections?

Answer Ear infections in dogs can be caused by many reasons such as mites, bacterial infection, poor hygiene and allergies. If bacteria is the cause of the infection, you will most likely need to treat yo... Read More »

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What are the most powerful antibiotics for lung infections?

Do men get yeast infections after antibiotics?

Yes, a man can get a yeast infection, even from antibiotics. However, most often it is after prolonged use of antibiotics and unprotected sex with an infected female, simply taking antibiotics does... Read More »

How to Prevent Yeast Infections from Antibiotics?

Yeast infections in women, which are often referred to as vaginal yeast infections, are caused by a common fungus called Candida albicans. When you take oral antibiotics, the medicine works to kill... Read More »

Give examples of bacterial infections that are treated with antibiotics?

almost all the sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis . gonorrhea . pulmonary diseases ,wound complications . tetanus . pneumonia and preoperative cases as aprophylaxis treatment .