ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER PLEASE-things that will make you throw up?

Answer syrup of ipecac

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Guys, answer. what kind of clothes do you find you like the best on a girl?

Clothes that fit and look nice. Something that will show who you are as a person and who you aspire to be.

Do they folks who answer my questions feel that they are answer a question?

Rose,I don't see how you got the violations. I know I don't answer them much anymore, but this time I have to. I would fight it. Right down to the wire. You didn't deserve any of them. I have ... Read More »

Kind of random question but please do answer :)?

he or she has very good memory. they have very good memory and notice the changes around them. I would try to see if your child can see missing numbers in the number board or what is missing in the... Read More »

Does anybody know any websites that are similar to and that also allow you to answer questions by video?

Try YouTube. They allow "video responses" to other videos.