What kind of animals live in a rainforest?

Answer Rainforests are defined as areas that receive over 5 feet of rain per year, and as much as 30 feet. Tropical rainforests are located near the equator, have warm temperatures all year, feature many ... Read More »

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What kind of animals& insects live in the rainforest?

Rain forests function like the lungs of the planet. The Amazon Rainforest produces 20 percent of the world's oxygen supply. Animals and insects living in rain forests are some of the most colorful ... Read More »

Rainforest Animals That Live in the Rainforest Layers?

Four distinct layers comprise the various tropical rainforests around the world, with different creatures lining in each layers. The animals that occur in each layer possess certain sets of traits ... Read More »

What type of animals live in the rainforest?

Rainforests are heavily treed environments that have very high amounts of annual rainfall and are home to some fascinating creatures. Most of the world's rainforests are tropical, but small areas ... Read More »

What endangered animals live in the tropical rainforest?

Tropical rainforests are home to more than half of the world's species, but humans have already destroyed more than half of the rainforests. Because of this destruction, rainforests are home to man... Read More »