What kind of animals eat seaweed?

Answer Many species of aquatic animals, from mammals to reptiles to fish, rely on seaweed for sustenance. Examples include green sea turtles, manatees and sea urchins. Humans eat seaweed too, as it's used... Read More »

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How to Be Kind to Animals?

Being kind to animals is the right thing to do, but how to? Read this how-to for instructions!

What kind of animals were the animaniacs?

They aren't cats. They aren't any specific animal at all actually. Wikipedia has a WHOLE section on it! "A running gag throughout the Animaniacs series is the question of what animals, if any, the... Read More »

What kind of arctic animals are there?

The Arctic encompasses the area north of the Arctic Circle surrounding the North Pole, and the animals that live there are a hardy bunch that have learned to survive in harsh conditions. The Arctic... Read More »

What kind of animals are the characters from arthur?

Arthur - Aardvark George - Moose Fern- Poodle Buster - Rabbit Brain - Bear Francine - Monkey Muffy - Monkey Sue Ellen - Cat Prunella - Rat Tibbles - Bear cubs Binky - BulldogThat's all I ... Read More »