What was that children's show about an animal detective or a guy or animal in a trench coat that looked like a kangaroo or Bentley from The Jeffersons near a street lamp?

Answer There was a short-lived- possibly originating in Australia, cartoon adaptatioin of Verne"s Around the world in eighty days- done as a cartoon show that had animal characters- also one with human ch... Read More »

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Who was captain kangaroo 2 animal friends?

What was the claymation song on captain kangaroo it started kind of mellow and got louder and the clay scenery changed with the song?

I think you may be thinking of the cartoon that evolved- without living characters- about the Little House ( not the Laura Ingalls Wilder Type) and it was like a sketch book the green grass grew al... Read More »

My little nephew loves Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Should I serve kangaroo meat at his birthday party?

If he likes kangaroos, why not give him a jumper ?

What kind of animal are sea sponges?

One of the strangest animals living in the ocean is the sea sponge, which doesn't look like an animal at all but instead resembles something that belongs in your kitchen. However, as inanimate as t... Read More »