What kind of animal is Elmo of Sesame Street?

Answer Emlo is not an animal. He is a puppet. If you really think; do you know any red animals? If so, do they look anything like Elmo? Elmo is a fictional character, therefore he is not an animal. writte... Read More »

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When did Elmo first come on sesame street as Elmo?

What kind of animal will do this?

squirrels and rabbits. I planted loads on my allotment and the rabbits have dug up most of them

What kind of animal is Arthur?

He is an ardvarkArthur is an aardvark.

What kind of animal is the lynx?

A lynx is a feline (family: felinae) predator found in declining numbers throughout Europe and Asia. While lynx are much smaller than other feline predators such as tigers or leopards, they are lar... Read More »