What kind of animal creates wood chips?

Answer Though there are many different animals that create wood chips, perhaps the best known is the American beaver. This North American mammal is famous for building dams and huts by the placement of sm... Read More »

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What kind of aperture creates shadow depth of field?

If you mean shallow, the largest aperture f2.8 is lareger than f11

What kind of wood is used to make wood bats?

Wooden bats have been typically made of strong, durable northern white ash grown in New York or Pennsylvania. Wood-drying technology now enables light-weight, sturdy bats to be made of rock or suga... Read More »

What is the best kind of potato chips ?

What kind of Intel wafers are used to make computer chips?

The Intel wafers that go into computer chips are thin slices of silicone crystals. The process purifies the silicone and then makes it into a large crystal eight inches in diameter and five feet lo... Read More »