What kind of amplifier do i use for my subwoofers?

Answer On One Hand: Size MattersThe bigger the subwoofer, the bigger the amplifier required for your speakers. According to, on any subwoofer is a recommended power range (in continuous or... Read More »

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What size amplifier do i need for my subwoofers?

On One Hand: Choose WiselyChoosing the best amplifier for your subwoofer all depends on the size of your speakers. The bigger the speakers, the bigger the amp required. However, according to Crutch... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Amplifier for Subwoofers?

There are many car subwoofers and car amplifiers on the market. To ensure that a subwoofer and an amplifier are a good match, take into account some key specifications of each of them. If you do th... Read More »

How to Hook Up Car Subwoofers Without an Amplifier?

Subwoofers offer the best way to add bass to your vehicle's stereo system. The larger speaker area is better equipped to deliver lower tones than the panel speakers commonly included in a stock ste... Read More »

Does a two-channel amplifier power two subwoofers?

Using a two-channel amplifier, assuming it has adequate power, to power two subwoofers is an excellent way to connect a system. Depending on both your needs and amplifier capability, you could act... Read More »