What kind of alloy is bronze made from?

Answer Until 3500 BC, bronze was an alloy of copper and arsenic that eventually fell out of favor due to the numerous fatalities associated with the release of arsenic as the alloy was heated. Modern bron... Read More »

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Is bronze an alloy?

Bronze is an alloy created by combining the metals copper and tin in varying amounts dependent on the use. Additionally, the metals manganese, lead and phosphorous are added for specific applicatio... Read More »

Properties of a Bronze Alloy?

Bronze is a metal alloy comprising mostly of copper and usually with tin, but sometimes with other elements such as aluminum or silicon. It is durable and fragile, and it was very important in anci... Read More »

What is solder alloy made of?

There are a number of different types of solder alloys. Most are composed of tin and lead in varying ratios. Some solder alloys also have a very small percentage of silver or zinc mixed in.Source:S... Read More »

How is the metal bronze made?

Bronze is an alloy, a combination of metals, of tin, aluminum, iron, nickel, lead and zinc. The alloys are melted together in crucibles or furnaces to create metals that can be cast, extruded and s... Read More »