What kind of accessories should a quarterback wear during a football game?

Answer On One Hand: Wristbands with playsA quarterback can be decked out in all sorts of gear when they go behind center during a football game, but the most strategic accessory a quarterback should have ... Read More »

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What kind of shoes, accessories, etc. should i wear with this dress?

Here are two possible looks:1) Silver heels, silver jewelry, and for hair, curl your hair and if it's long enough pull it over 1 shoulder and fasten it with a silver hair jewel or flower2) For a su... Read More »

How to Wear Accessories?

Okay, so every girl wants to look nice and turn heads without making much effort, right? And it's really simple - all you need to do is know how to match your accessories, perfectly. This article w... Read More »

How to Wear Gothic Accessories?

Some people find Goth accessories very interesting. They can totally add more of an edge to your regular look. If you are wanting to learn more about wearing Goth accessories, please continue readi... Read More »

How to Choose What Accessories to Wear With a Bikini?

So you've just purchased a brand new bikini and can't wait to wear it out to the beach or around the pool. You took the time out to pick the right color that fits perfectly with your skin tone. You... Read More »