What kind of omega 3 is in cashew nut?

Answer Answer Cashews are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are beneficial for the body -- can lower bad cholesterol. It does not contain significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. If it has any, it wo... Read More »

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What kind of lights can plant grow under?

What fertilizer makes a plant that are the same kind grow faster?

Answer The H-E-B brand AnswerI am doing this for my science project and i think that fertilizers that have more acid will work better. Try using Miracle Grow Fertilezer, or Miracle Grow Plant foo... Read More »

What are the plant friuts and vegetable fruits that grow during summer and grow in cool climate?

First of all you can find this info in seed catalogs. That said, any of the cole family cabbage,kale,brussel sprouts,broccolli,califlower. then lettuce potatoes, some tomatoes(stupice is one) there... Read More »

Can you take a cutting off of a blueberry plant&use it to grow a new plant?

You can grow a new blueberry plant through cuttings, according to the North Carolina State University Extension. Cuttings can be propagated with small hardwood or softwood pieces without using a ro... Read More »