What kind of a license do you need to drive a tow truck?

Answer In order to drive a tow truck, you will need a tow truck license. Check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get the specifics on how to obtain one.Source:Tow Truck License

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Do you need a CDL license to drive a fire truck in New Jersey?

Firefighters are exempt from holding a commercial driver's license in the state of New Jersey. Applicants for firefighting positions in the state need a regular New Jersey driver's license if their... Read More »

What license do you need to have to sell shrimp on your truck?

A commercial fishing license is needed to sell shrimp from a truck. The type of license will vary from state to state. Recreational fishing licenses do not allow for selling a catch from a truck. I... Read More »

Do tow truck drivers need a CDL license?

Regulations for tow truck drivers vary by state. Generally speaking, a commercial driver's license is not required for a tow truck driver, but drivers must have a valid license and may need to gain... Read More »

What kind of license do you need to be able to quote auto insurance?

Although insurance license titles may vary slightly from state to state, a Property and Casualty license is typically what is necessary to quote and sell auto insurance to customers. The Property a... Read More »