What kind of USB cable do I need?

Answer ANY cables... just make sure they are usb 2.0even if 1.0 is dead and berried the speed difference is 100xGood dayAdditionalHey Harold W I forgot to mention it ,,,Just ask for 2.0 usb printer cabl... Read More »

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What kind of TV do you need for an HDMI cable?

You need a television that has an HDMI input.

What kind of tv aerial cable should I have?

I bet you that it is 'not' that socket plate on the wall..but a PLUG plate on the wall - it seems to be a common thing to doput the pug in a plate, so now the cable needs to be a socket on a leadSi... Read More »

Does it really matter what kind of hdmi cable you buy?

It only matters on really long cable runs, like over 35 feet. Smaller than that and there should be no difference in most cables.That said, there is a such thing as a poorly constructed HDMI cable ... Read More »

I don't know what kind of internet I have What's the best, dsl or cable or is that the same thing?

From what you have there i woul dassume is cable internet which is faster thanDSL