What kind of RAM does a Cisnet PC need?

Answer The Cisnet line of Media Center PCs were computers from ZT Group released around 2004. Being older computers, they ran on what was then high-end DDR RAM. A few models even had 512 MBs of DDR RAM, w... Read More »

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Does a Cisnet PC have a NIC card in it?

Cisnet computers such as the NASCAR PC NCL 3006 came with a pre-installed network information center, or NIC. This card included 802.11b Wireless LAN capability as well as 10/100 MBPS Ethernet and ... Read More »

Is PC333 RAM compatible with a Cisnet PC?

Cisnet computers do not use PC333 RAM. As of August 2010, Cisnet model computers all use PC-3200 RAM memory. Cisnet computers include the Nascar PC, the CI33-S33 PC and the CA-ST502 PC.References... Read More »

How to you get the Cisnet Nascar PC to boot up from USB?…

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