What kind of RAM do you need for your laptop?

Answer The type of random access memory (RAM) you may need for your laptop will vary from brand to brand and model to model. Check your laptop's documentation, or visit the manufacturer's website, to get ... Read More »

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What kind of hard drive do you need for your laptop?

Replacing a laptop hard drive does not constitute a difficult process, but compatibility is key. Your laptop will not only lack the ability to recognize an incompatible hard drive---the drive will ... Read More »

Need to buy a laptop, what kind should I get?

I like the one I have. Its the HP Pavilion dv6000. It comes with or without a webcam.

What Kind of HP Laptop Adapters Do I Need to Use in Australia?

Traveling with a laptop is convenient -- your files are with you, you have a portable movie player and you can connect to the Internet from almost anywhere. But be sure to check power adapter infor... Read More »

What kind of adapter do I need to take my laptop to Europe?

You will need a two "round pin" plug adapter for mainland Europe. However, for the U.K. and Ireland you will need a three pin adapter. One solution is to buy an adapter kit that covers travel to mo... Read More »