What kind of Non Alcoholic Drink would you never try under any circumstances?

Answer Umm not sure. Last time I said I wouldn't try vegetable juice but my sister forced me to drink it and it wasn't So probably the coconut drinks that my dad always buys...Never tried it a... Read More »

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If you could drink only 1 kind of alcoholic drink when u go out, regardless of price, what would you choose?

Wow.. the answer Irina_C gave you is exactly the same answer I gave to "yer_daddy" 4 weeks ago when he asked the question "Bartenders - What is your best drink?" (for entertaining crowds at your ho... Read More »

What kind of alcoholic beverage should I drink to get a nice feel?

Jägerbombs. A shot of Jägermeister bombed into a glass of red bull. Tastes delicious and after about 6 you'll be well f*cked. Enjoy.

What kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before?

Well, you're goal is to not become an alcoholic. If you want to drink socially and responsibley, then start with wine coolers. Then, Kalua is a social drink that is not supposed to be for getting... Read More »

What kind of alcoholic drinks can I drink where I do not taste the liquor?

A bottle that says,"You can't taste the liquor!"