What kind of Foreign foods do you like to eat?

Answer basically i love eating haha so i love many kinds of foods ^_^ amongst my favorite would be Italian foods, Vietnamese beef soup Pho Bo, Indonesian spicy beef stew Rendang, Hungarian beef stew Goula... Read More »

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What foods do we eat that are foreign, like curry from india, please help i really need it for a project! xxxx?

Germany - SauerkrautScotland - HaggisAustralia - VegemiteSpanish - PaellaIndian - CurryItalian - lasagna and pastaEnglish - Fish and chipsIrish - Guinness (lol) Traditional Irish breads include s... Read More »

Is there a term for someone who refuses to eat most foreign foods (Mexican, Chinese, Indian)?

What kind of foods...?

foods with the following:- empty calories- sugar- simple carbs- high in sodiumramen noodles are bad if your drink all the soup because it's loaded with sodium. there's really no nutritional value i... Read More »

What kind of foods to eat when gyming?

before you work out you should probably eat something high in protein like some sort of pasta or bread but be sure to eat this well before you work out so you don't cramp up. after you work out you... Read More »