What kind of Fire Wall would you recommend what are some .. Is ZoneAlarm wall good ?

Answer A good firewall is your very first line of defense, acting as a sentry for the 'ports' (openings to the Internet) that would otherwise be open to the ceaseless attempts to violate your computer.Win... Read More »

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What is the best kind of retaining wall for a very sloped yard We want to extend our back yard and use a 9 foot tall retaining wall and fill in with dirt Need some help with the best kind?

AnswerFirst get in touch with you local BUILDING OFFICIAL. They will probably have some questions as to what you are doing and why. There may be some restrictions in your area as to height of reten... Read More »

What type wire d i run from tv to closet for surround and r in wall speakers as good as wall mount speakers?

16 gauge wire is fine... and the last writer was dead on with how to wire audio but I didn't see a question about video. I did read how ever you want to know about in wall verse on wall.One type i... Read More »

How to Cut a Fire Wall?

A firewall in a residential structure is simply a non-flammable or fire resistant material placed between walls and basement ceilings. Often, it is "Type C" or "Type X" Sheetrock generally about 5/... Read More »


Go to control panel from the lower left corner icon. Run cursor up toprograms slide right while keeping cursor key down. You will se whats available. Also make sure you get automatic updates on wha... Read More »