What kind of DVD burners are there?

Answer DVD burners are optical drives that can be used to record information to DVD and CDs, install programs from CDs and DVDs, play movies and play music. In addition to recording data on a disk in digi... Read More »

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History of DVD Burners?

DVDs first became available in 1996, the acronym short for "Digital Video Disc" or "Digital Versatile Disc." Since that time, the format developed from being view only to providing a viable, creati... Read More »

How do I clean gas burners?

Surface BurnersPull the surface burners gently off the stove, and soak them in hot, soapy water for as long as desired. Scrub them with a brush. Use a pin to clean the surface burner's holes. Rinse... Read More »

Can DVD burners make CDs?

DVD burners will burn audio CDs as well; however, some older DVD burners may not produce good quality CDs because their programmed speeds for CD writing were often slower than those of just a CD bu... Read More »

Why is it that none of my dvd burners last long enough?

I can't answer your question correctly but what from I have heard is that it looks like its you who is facing problems.