What kind of CD-ROM do I use to copy pictures?

Answer Although you can use any kind of CD-ROM disc for copying pictures, it is not the best type of media to use. A CD-ROM will not allow the user to add or delete pictures after recording the disc. CD-R... Read More »

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Can you copy pictures to a DVD-R?

You can copy pictures to a DVD-R if you have the right software. Windows Vista copies pictures to a DVD-R but if you use Windows XP, you use third-party software to record on a DVD. For a Mac syst... Read More »

How do I copy pictures from a CD?

Copying a PictureInsert the CD that contains the picture you would like to copy into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Wait 15 to 20 seconds for your computer to finish loading the newly inserted CD. S... Read More »

How to Copy Pictures on a Mac?

Digital photography has changed the ways in which people develop and store their photographs, and Mac OS X allows you to copy, transfer, duplicate and save your digital pictures without the need fo... Read More »

How do I copy pictures to Mac stationery?

Create a new email message. To do this, open your email program, and click "New Message."Select the stationery you want to add to your email message. To do this, click the arrows near the top right... Read More »