What kind of Alcohol is right for me?

Answer Have you tried red wine?? That's my recommendation! You may also appeal more sophisticated ;)Do you have Rock Creek where you live? Probably not sine it is Canadian. But it is an apple cider th... Read More »

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Is tequila just another kind of alcohol or is it a different kind of drug (plus alcohol)?

different types of liquor are made by using different productsvodka = wheat/potato/corn/barleygin = vodka+junipertequila = agaveEvery type uses a little different method or set of ingredients that ... Read More »

What kind of drinking alcohol can you use to clean/treat wound?

Any high concentration alcohol will work. Vodka is the main example and really the only one that will even half work. For this book is the person going to become infected from this? As this is exac... Read More »

What kind of pc are you on right now :D?

Ha. This computer is total death in a box. My first own self-custom built computer too.Want a picture?…First picture on the right Read More »

What kind of car is right for me?

When choosing a car, you will want to find something that will provide you with the features you desire at the lowest possible price. This can be tricky given all the upgrades the car industry appl... Read More »