What kills tiny black bugs, not fleas, coming in from outside?

Answer Spray with Raid bug spray.

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Tiny Black Bugs That Look Like Seeds?

Home gardeners often find tiny, black bugs on their plants that look like small seeds. Aphids are small black bugs that gather in colonies on the undersides of plant leaves. Heavy infestations of a... Read More »

I found these tiny little black and white stripped bugs on my windowsill. Any idea what they could be Thanks?

I have no idea what they are ?I would just wipe them away using a cloth wrung out in bleach and water

Cedar oil kills fleas Cedar oil kills fleas?

If you have wood floors, I would think that would work really well. I've also done the fill a bowl with soapy water with a lamp directly over it. Also, I know you want to be green, but if you buy... Read More »

I have bites from these tiny bugs, but I can't get rid of the bugs?

Use appropriate insect repellants and protective clothing.