What keys would you like added to your keyboard?

Answer I'd like an O--ma delete key ;)One for my TV would be nice too.One for real life would be better yet!

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What does a Chinese keyboard look like and how many keys does it have?

A Chinese keyboard? That is such an interesting question!There's no such thing as a Chinese keyboard. It's excatly the same as the one you're using. Yes we have countless characters but we have thi... Read More »

What are some funny faces to make with keys on your computer keyboard?

:) B-) :D ;) :'( Emoticon Key Combination

How to Get Your Keyboard Keys Unsticky?

Are some of your keyboard's keys sticky? Wanna remove that? Well, then here's the one and only guide for you!

How to make keyboard keys equal different keys?

It's called re-mapping the keyboard. Software is available for that. Google it.