Is it possible to have keys re-made for the door lock, even though I don't have the keys?

Answer yes you can take the lock off and go to a store that makes keys they can take the lock and make a new key for it they have a machine that makes them able to do this i have done this for my house an... Read More »

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How do I Buy a Factory Wheel Lock Keys for an RX-8?

Factory-installed wheel-locks prevent thieves from stealing your tires and rims. They are a specially constructed bolt that can only be unscrewed using a specialty wheel-lock key on the end of your... Read More »

How to Buy Factory Wheel Lock Keys?

Wheel locks are small devices similar to lugnuts that attach a wheel to an axle. Wheel locks can prevent wheel theft, by requiring a special key to remove them. Unfortunately, sometimes wheel lock ... Read More »

How to Get Additional Keys to the Club Steering Wheel Lock?

The Club is a locking safety device that helps prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle. The Club comes with two keys when purchased, but others can be acquired. Here's how to get additional keys f... Read More »

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