What key on your keyboard have you never used?

Answer I wish they would make a key that says: "If you are too stupid to use a computer press this". And then the PC would self destruct into smoke, kind of like mission impossible.Would be great for hal... Read More »

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Is there a key on your computer keyboard you have never ever pressed ?

My Girlfriend & I are 16 we are both virgins we have never used needles, & our mothers don't have HIV, do we?

No. Not unless you've had contact with someone's blood that is infected with HIV. So... just go ahead and do it!

Have you never used the wikipedia website ?

Wikipedia is a useful site for referance but ya your point is correct 2 that anyone can edit the information on the site. It is just that you have to be careful.

In Army BCT i know you have to share showers with others guys at the same time but are there any tips on getting used to it because i have never done it before?

Don't look, hurry up, wash up, get out. Everyone is just as uncomfortable as you are.