What key is it to restore factory settings for a Dell PC?

Answer Press the "Ctrl" and "F11" keys simultaneously when you see the "Dell" logo on the screen after first turning the computer on. This key combination activates the built-in system restore utility on ... Read More »

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How to Restore Dell D610 Factory Settings?

Dell computers have a feature that allow you to restore the entire computer back to its original factory setting. This comes in handy when you need to wipe out the hard drive before you sell a comp... Read More »

How do I restore Dell computers to factory settings in XP?

Open Dell PC RestoreRestart the computer, and press and hold the "CTRL" and "F11" key when the Dell system image appears on the screen. The Dell PC Restore by Symantec window will appear; click the... Read More »

How do I restore my Dell Latitude PC to factory settings?

Backup Important FilesBackup any important files such as photos, documents, receipts and music by copying them to an external hard drive or burning them to a blank CD or DVD. Turn off any running p... Read More »

How do I access Dell PC Restore factory settings?

Access Dell PC RestoreAccess the Dell PC Restore or Factory Image Restore utility to restore the factory settings on a Dell computer. Quit any programs that are running on the computer and shut dow... Read More »