What key does the bassoon play in?

Answer The bassoon plays in the key of C. Because a C on the bassoon sounds the same as a C played on the piano, musicians would say that the bassoon plays in "concert pitch." It could also be said that t... Read More »

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How to Play an F on the Bassoon?

Learning to play the bassoon? Can't figure out f? Maybe this will help.

How to Play the Bassoon?

The bassoon is one of the most beautiful instruments. It was described by the poet Sacheverell Sitwell as "the voice of a sea god speaking." Lyrical and humorous at the same time, it is hard not to... Read More »

What is a bassoon?

The bassoon is a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family and is popular for use in symphony orchestras, woodwind ensembles and operas or other theatrical outlets. It is the largest, in ... Read More »

What Are the Parts of the Bassoon?

The origins of the bassoon can be linked to a Medieval instrument known as the shawn, according to Dr. Dan Lipori of Central Washington University. The original bass shawn was over six feet long. T... Read More »