What keeps slugs away?

Answer Slug pellets and hedgehogs but not together.

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What can I use instead of slug killer to keep slugs away?

Slugs like beer and wholemeal bread, both can be used as bait to trap or lure them away from plants.They don't like anything rough, salty or that clings. Scatter bark, sawdust, sand, crushed eggsh... Read More »

How do you keep raccoons away Or what's a good animal repellent that keeps them away?

take cayenne pepper and put it in a spray bottle with water. then spritz it around your tent.when they go near it/sniff it it makes their eyes and nose sting,but doesn't actually hurt them. they wi... Read More »

How do i keep the slugs away from a strawberry plant?

If you are putting them in pots and you do not wish to use slug pellet. You can buy copper tape from any good garden centre which you stick around the pots.Slugs hate copper of any kind.If you wish... Read More »

What else do slugs eat besides slugs?

Slugs eat lots of things! They eat the tops of broccoli, lettuce, (a lot of lettuce) a little bit of apples. Things like that.