What jobs take less than two years of college?

Answer Soda jerks. Goat herders.Burger flippers.Grocery clerks.Used car salesmen.

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Where could you find a college to study carpentry for interior custom jobs such as cabinets furniture and get a degree or does any college supply needed courses for someone interested in this field?

Or you can do it like I did it. Inter the school of hard knocks (the School of life) I started out as a finish carpenter then \"graduated\" to doing all trades because I started a remodeling busine... Read More »

Do you know any jobs for 13 years old?

Start a handyman service in your neighborhood....offer to weed gardens, mow & rake lawns, sweep driveways, clean garages, walk dogs....whatever people need.

Jobs for People Over 70 Years of Age?

Many people over the age of 70, who are retired or semiretired, still want to belong to the workforce, whether in a paid capacity or as a volunteer. Work is fulfilling and socially binding, and som... Read More »

Is their anyone who knows of jobs for teenagers like 15 years of age?

I worked for McDonalads at 14, before that I worked for Western Golf and Country Club at 13 and berore that I worked for Observer Eccentric. I also had friends who worked for various Movie THeaters... Read More »