What jobs require an associate's degree?

Answer While many of today's good-paying occupations require a bachelor's degree or higher, there are still many interesting and financially rewarding jobs available that require only an associate's degre... Read More »

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Political Science Associates Degree Jobs?

Earning an associate's degree in political science generally requires at least two years of study, with a focus on coursework related to government, public administration, politics and history. Whi... Read More »

What Jobs Require a Bachelor's Degree in Math?

While most people associate math majors with math teachers, in reality, math majors have a variety of career choices in addition to jobs in educational settings. Industries such as sales, engineeri... Read More »

What Jobs Require a Master's Degree in Social Work?

A master's degree in social work gives graduate students an in-depth look at advanced social work concepts and provides them with the opportunity to receive hands-on training within the field. Many... Read More »

What Jobs Require a Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction?

A master's degree in curriculum and instruction prepares educators for taking a leadership role in the development of a school's or a school department's curricula. The degree prepares graduates to... Read More »