What Kinds of Jobs Won't Hire a Felon?

Answer Some occupations prohibit the employment of felons. As a result, felons who have served their time may find difficulty in obtaining employment in certain fields. These hiring practices typically ap... Read More »

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What jobs will hire a 15 year old in Fresno, California?

i was gonna say work in the fields that what most kids my age work in the fields

Does homeland security hire Yemenis for top jobs in the department?

You can contact your local law enforcement agency for more information on Homeland Security training. There is likely a lot of red tape involved with taking this kind of training.

What jobs hire 15 year olds in Seattle Washington?

Fast Food places IF you get a school work permit.-

What stores or places hire 15 year olds for summer jobs!?

Try your local library. Some of them will hire at 15 for reshelving books and such. Also, my niece worked at a tennis club when she was 15, but she was also taking lessons there. It's worth look... Read More »