What jobs have to do with wine?

Answer catering chef, sous chef, horticulturist, vintner, enologist, cellar operator, cell master, vineyard lab technician, harvest lab intern, business development manager, bulk wine controller, marketin... Read More »

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Hey I'm Jordan I'm 12 and I'm trying to find some jobs for, what jobs would you have in mind?

Try here you might find them cheeper.…

What jobs can a person have with a nursing degree?

A person with a nursing degree can qualify for numerous jobs. There are also several different types of nursing degrees, including licensed practical nurse, licensed vocational nurse, registered nu... Read More »

What does Spirits have anything to do with Beer & Wine?

*shrugs* I don't know...Maybe after so many you see em?

With my win kit i got one of those wine store bags with a tap is this suitable to mature wine in or should i u?

Bottles all the way, you can ispect the color and such a lot easier and grass doesn't leach anything, they are reuseable and look good when you bust one out, just remember to store them in a dark p... Read More »