What jobs did African-Americans have in the US military during World War 2?

Answer Answer They usually were cooks but in emergencies they also could be gunners, blood donors, and helpers in the hospitals.  Answer Well, there were the Tuskegee airmen , they were the 1st all Afric... Read More »

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In the military during World War 2 African Americans were grouped?

Why is it after World War 2 and the Korean War why did only the Black African Americans get fired from the Military in the 50s and not the Spanish nor the Philipinos as seen on old TCM chanel film?

because the military was separated whites and blacks blacks where used to transport things not fight so theres no need for them

What year could African Americans serve in the military?

The United States Air Force is by far the most powerful in the World. There are many other formidable air forces, notably those of Israel, France and the United Kingdom, Germany, PR China, India, R... Read More »

How many African Americans are in senior positions within US Military Special Operations?

That number is probably unknown. Because honestly no one cares.